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One-stop Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media solutions
Premium AML Sanctions Screening


AML Sanctions Screening/PEP/PIP Adverse Media

Our Premium online search tool enables you to manually screen prospective clients and perform enhanced due diligence.

Standard AML Sanctions Screening


AML Sanctions Screening/PEP/PIP + Crime Data

Our standard suite provides reliable and constantly updated data from global Sanctions Lists, PEP and Crime Watchlists ready to be built into your own solution & system environment.

Basic AML Sanctions Screening


OFAC, US Department of Treasury Sanction List

Our basic AML Sanctions Screening service comprise a single data source. Lists include individuals & companies associated with targeted countries, as well as individuals, groups, and entities (terrorists, narcotics traffickers) under programmes that are not country specific.

Why sanctions compliance is important

For businesses to actively prevent financial loss and reputational damage, it's crucial that comprehensive due diligence processes are carried out. 

Datanamix’s due diligence product suite includes AML (anti-money laundering) sanctions screening, PEP (PIP) data, Adverse Media and Crime data – all customisable depending on your specific industry, and unique business needs.

Datanamix offers a suite of AML Sanction Screening products to enable the right level of risk mitigation for every class of business – from accountable institutions bound by the FIC Act, to SMEs simply looking to protect their interests.

Datanamix due diligence product suite includes AML (anti-money laundering) Sanctions Screening, PEP (PIP) data, Adverse Media and Crime Data – all customisable depending on your specific industry, and unique business needs.

For a detailed guide on how AML Sanctions Screening applies to your industry, click the relevant icon below.


Sanctions Compliance for Crypto Businesses

This guide will help to understand the Crypto Industry's specific challenges, how to identify red flags and implement best practices for a comprehensive compliance process.

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Digital Banking

Anti-Money Laundering Guide for Digital Banks

The convenience and speed of digital banks continue to lure new customers to their businesses, with statisticians predicting that the total number of digital banking users will soon reach new records.

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AML Guide for the Insurance Industry

Insurance companies are especially at risk for individuals who are attempting to launder money because they can structure transactions, enforce appropriate reports, and force employees to collaborate to create the appearance of legitimacy.

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AML Guide for Law Firms

This guide will provide an overview of how Law Firms are affected by Money Laundering, which regulations need to be taken into consideration, as well as compliance best practices.

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Real Estate

AML Guide for the Real Estate Industry

Money laundering is a concern in many industries, and real estate is no exception. This guide will help you understand the AML considerations for the real estate industry and why implementing these practices are so important.

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Tax Consultants

AML Guide for Tax Consultants

This guide will review the risks that tax consultants face regarding Money Laundering as well as what procedures they need to have in place to address these.

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Why OFAC Sanctions Compliance Is Important For Software Companies

Sanctions impose restrictions on commerce with specific individuals, entities, and states, and export controls impose limitations on the distribution of particular products and services, including software and applications.

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AML Sanction Screening/PEP/PIP Adverse media

One-stop Sanctions, PEP and Adverse Media Screening solution

The Datanamix Premium online search tool enables you to manually screen prospective clients and perform enhanced due diligence.

The Online Search tool product allows users to perform initial due diligence by screening potential clients, agents, and business partners through our industry-leading database.

Containing more than 2.5 million detailed profiles, the database helps clients detect individuals, organisations and vessels linked to more than 50 risk categories, including:

  • Sanctions
  • Foreign Officials
  • State-Owned Enterprises

The Premium online search tool delivers instant translation capability, passport validation and a navigation pane that permits a precise drill-down of your result set by risk category, country, type of organisation, and more.


AML Sanctions Screening/PEP/PIP + Crime Data

Global Sanctions Lists, PEP and Crime Watchlists

Datanamix provides reliable and constantly updated data from global Sanctions Lists, PEP and Crime Watchlists ready to be built into your own solution & system environment.

Sanctions lists

Our Sanctions Database covers Sanctions Lists from OFAC, Canada, HM Treasury, EU, Australia and many more regions and organisations globally.

Supported Sanctions Lists

PEP data

Our Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) database covers about 1million records from every country worldwide. Lists also include family members and close associates of PEPs.

Our Global PEP Data

Crime Watchlists

Our Crime Database includes more than 8k records from Interpol and the FBI. More Watchlists are being added continuously.

Our Crime and Watchlist Data
Politically exposed persons

What are Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs)?

Politically Exposed Persons

PEPs are individuals who are or have been entrusted with prominent public functions, for example heads of state or of government, senior politicians, senior government, judicial or military officials, senior executives of state owned corporations, important political party officials.

International organisation PEPs

International organisation PEPs are persons who are or have been entrusted with a prominent function by an international organisation. This refers to members of senior management or individuals who have been entrusted with equivalent functions, such as directors, deputy directors and members of the board or equivalent functions.

Family members

Family members are individuals who are related to a PEP either directly (consanguinity) or through marriage or similar (civil) forms of partnership.

Close associates

Close associates are individuals who are closely connected to a PEP, either socially or professionally.
Less False Positives and False Negatives

Smart screening technology for effective AML compliance

Name matching is the real challenge in Sanctions & AML compliance. Transliteration issues, nicknames, honorifics, and spelling errors are some of the factors that make name screening a challenge. This cannot be solved with simple fuzzy algorithms.

Our industry-leading screening technology is based on the latest research and achievements in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) used by organisations such as Amazon, LinkedIn, and U.S. Homeland Security.

This technology helps reduce false positives significantly, while making sure that no real matches slip through the cracks.

Easily integrated into your own system environment

Integrate Business Partner Screening with your own system environment by simply using our REST API, our Sanctions Database Exporter option, or our pre-built integrations for SAP, BigID and API3 Airnode.

Sanctions & AML API

Developer friendly, easy to implement and Enterprise-ready RESTful API with a guaranteed uptime of more than 99.99% and > ~200ms response time.

API Integration

Exporter Plan

Our Exporter Plan allows the daily download of our entire Sanctions Database (not available for PEP Data).

Perform sanctions checks on your own systems / No data transmission, simple CSV format integration, Flat fee for unlimited screenings.


Easily integrate our AML sanctions screening into your system environment using our pre-built connectors and apps.

SAP® Integration 
BigID® Integration 
API3® Airnode Integration

Global Sanctions Lists for your screening needs

The Sanctions Lists below are included in every Sanctions Data Subscription. Additional Sanctions Lists can be included on request, please contact support for more information.

Why Datanamix?

Global Sanctions Lists

Datanamix is a reliable partner who provides high-quality data, reliable technology with the right partnering mindset.

API & integrations

Use our RESTful API, our Exporter Option or one of our pre-built integrations for SAP, BigID or API3.

A heart for developers

Extensive API documentation is available on Swagger and our Knowledge Base. We also provide a full-featured Sandbox environment for dev testing.

PEP Data

Our Politically Exposed Persons (PEP) Database is based on an agenda of worldwide elections, and includes Judges, Military Personnel and close associates.


Our APIs - including all backend systems are enterprise ready, with a 99.99%+ uptime and average response time < 200ms.

Start-up friendly

We know your pain & needs as a start-up. Our support and admin processes guarantee the responsiveness and flexibility you need.

Crime Watchlists

More than 8k data records from Interpol and FBI, included for free in our Sanctions Data subscription.

Smart screening technology

Leading screening technology based on latest achievements in NLP and AI. Less false positives, while preventing false negatives.

Try before you buy

Try our free sanctions check on our website, our sandbox environment or sign up for a personal free trial.

Basic – OFAC, US Department of Treasury Sanction List


​The Treasury Department has a long history of dealing with sanctions. Dating back prior to the War of 1812, Secretary of the Treasury Gallatin administered sanctions imposed against Great Britain for the harassment of American sailors. During the Civil War, Congress approved a law that prohibited transactions with the Confederacy, called for the forfeiture of goods involved in such transactions, and provided a licensing regime under rules and regulations administered by Treasury.


The Office of Foreign Assets Control ("OFAC") of the US Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on US foreign policy and national security goals against targeted foreign countries and regimes, terrorists, international narcotics traffickers, those engaged in activities related to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and other threats to the national security, foreign policy or economy of the United​ States.

OFAC Sanctions List

OFAC publishes lists of individuals and companies owned or controlled by, or acting for or on behalf of, targeted countries. It also lists individuals, groups, and entities, such as terrorists and narcotics traffickers designated under programmes that are not country specific.

Industry Solutions

Gain full access to an extensive variety of products and data, which can assist you in reducing your company's credit risk and making better-informed decisions.

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