Integrate with our various credit bureau services, as well as our other services, like KYC and ID verification


Getting started with REST API

The Datanamix REST API is used by developers to integrate with our various credit bureau services, as well as our other services, like KYC and ID verification.

The API is built for reliability and speed. Datanamix processes millions of API calls per month for thousands of customers, banks, and insurers.

Once approved, you will receive access to our API Manager and Swagger tools.

Getting Access

To access our API systems, you need to first apply for an API account. You have the option of a prepaid account, or you can apply for a 30-day account.

Please click on the button below to send us your details. A consultant will get back to you within one business day with the steps you need to follow.

Apply for API Access

API Manager

Once approved, your API account details, instructions on what to do next, and user credentials will be communicated to you.

Use your user credentials to access the API Manager here: API Manager

This is where you will be able to view your monthly usage, draw reports and access your credit balance.

Need our help?

Should you need any technical assistance with our API, please log a support ticket here: Support Ticket

We also offer software development and integration services. Please log a ticket above with your requirements, and a support agent will contact you.



Use the same user credentials to access the sandbox environment here: Sandbox

The sandbox environment is there for you to play with dummy data, and test available APIs.  The sandbox environment is a mirror environment of the live environment, so any code produced here will work 100% in the production environment.

Regretfully not all APIs are available in the sandbox.


Swagger Tool

Use the same user credentials to access the swagger tool here: Swagger Tool

The swagger tool hosts a comprehensive, easy-to-understand framework of API documentation for each service. The swagger UI has a built-in POST function for each service that enables developers to execute and monitor the API requests and results, making it easy to understand the endpoints.


Knowledge Base

More API documentation and product information is available via our online knowledgebase (available to anyone - no login required) here: Online knowledgebase

Account Types

To get access to our API, you will need to be vetted first. After sending us your information, you will receive a link to our online vetting system. This process is fully digital and only takes a few minutes to complete.

Prepaid Account

Prepaid options are available for smaller firms and developers who are building their own applications.

30-Day Credit Facility

This facility is for qualifying businesses that want a credit facility (arrears payment) linked to their API account.

The following minimum requirements must be met:

  • The business must have been trading for more than 2 years.
  • The business must have NO adverse credit information on the company or directors applying for credit.
  • Pass the relevant affordability assessment and compliance checks for company and directors.

Required documents:

  • Letter from the bank confirming your business banking details, not older than 3 months. Please note: Your business bank account name must match your CIPC company/entity details exactly.
  • Company resolution if the person completing the application is not the authorised signer.

You will need a minimum approved credit facility of R 30,000 to pay in arrears (30 days from invoice).

Please contact sales to enquire about account facilities

Contact Sales