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Digital KYC

The Datanamix Digital KYC product was specifically designed to enable you to carry out all the relevant KYC/FICA processes with regard to your customers, in the quickest and most compliant way possible, without customers having to upload any documentation, for instance proof of identity and address.

There are often adverse issues caused when a customer is required to upload documents for KYC purposes – either because the customer does not have the latest proof of address on hand, or the customer uploads incorrect or invalid documentation.

What We Require From You

It is also very difficult for companies to validate documents against reliable sources, and to manage them in a POPIA compliant manner. Additionally, companies run the risk of losing potential clients because of rigid customer compliance/due processes that are in place. With Datanamix’s Digital KYC API, all your customer needs to do is provide the following information, and our system will do the rest:

  • Valid 13-digit South African ID number
  • Full name
  • Last address

KYC System

Once we have that information, our advanced Digital KYC system verifies it and returns the relevant customer data. You, as the company, are able to configure how many address sources you want to see, as well as the date range those addresses fall within:

  1. 1 to 5 Sources of addresses to match
  2. 3 to 36 months date range

What Information You Will Receive

Once the criteria have been input, the following will be validated:

  1. A valid ID number linked to the name
  2. A match of the address to the address on file (SACRRA)
  3. A geolocation of the address, and match to address on file
  4. Pass/fail match against the selected configuration

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