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Default Listing

Allows a credit-granting business client's, to list a business or consumer who has defaulted on a payment in accordance with the NCA.

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TransUnion Default Listing Function

The TransUnion Default Listing is a feature that enables credit-granting businesses to report their clients who have defaulted on a payment as per the National Credit Act. This helps maintain transparency and accuracy in credit reports, allowing lenders to make informed decisions about lending money.

Before the credit agreement is in place:

  • Must have a valid CIPC registration number registered to their business.
  • The client (defaulter) must have a signed and legal credit agreement with the organisation.
  • The organisation must have performed the correct verifications and compliance checks on the entity/consumer.
  • With their written consent, an affordability assessment must be performed on the consumer/entity before a credit facility is allocated.

When a default listing can be done on Datanamix:

  • A valid signed credit agreement must be in place.
  • The client must be given Ninety days to settle their debt.
  • After Ninety days, a section 129 letter/ final demand letter must be sent to the customer.
  • Twenty working days after the final demand letter is submitted, the customer can be listed on Datanamix.

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