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What do you get when you register for Datanamix?

Instant online access to our easy to use web services. Our Credit Risk assessment tools provide an online information service that gives you instant access to detailed background Credit assessment and public record Trace information. These services includes one of the most advanced CONSUMER (Individual Person) TRACE and CREDIT CHECK searches and reports on Companies, Closed Corporations, Consumers and Properties in South Africa, all instantly accessible over the Internet.

Information is sourced from all major Credit Bureaus in South Africa, namely TransUnion (ITC) and XDS Credit Bureau.

Company and Director information are sourced from the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC), South African Revenue Services (SARS) and ID verification data from Government sourced data and two major Credit Bureaus. Property (Deed Search) data is sourced from the SA Deeds Office and brought to you via an advanced search function. Fraud indicators originate from the South African Police Services (SAPS), Credit Bureaus and the Department of Justice.

With the click of your mouse, you instantly get comprehensive reports through one easy-to-use web-interface.

Datanamix Use Cases

Businesses that grant credit accounts

Datanamix is essentially a Credit Risk Management tool for any size business in South Africa that grants credit accounts and payment terms to other businesses and/or to South African consumers. Our online web-based tools will assist you to assess your credit risk by evaluating the credit history of any business and its principles and/or the consumer you wish to grant credit terms too, via multiple credit bureaus and other business critical data providers, through one easy to use website.

System Integrators

Our ID Verification API services are widely used by the South Africa's top system integrators to verify the identity of consumers for the retail industry at point of sale, HR industry and other applications that need to verify the identity of a South African citizen.

Trace agents and debt collectors

Datanamix's comprehensive online Consumer Trace reports are connected to over 50+ million current and historic consumer records and is widely used by 1000's of Businesses, Trace agents and Debt collectors to locate consumers who have defaulted on payment and are no longer available at their given contact details. We also offer bulk/batch services for simultaneous traces of more than 1000 consumers at a time to trace consumers or simply update large customer databases and ERP systems.

Schools and other educational institutions

Datanamix is widely used by schools across South Africa to firstly manage their credit risk by evaluating the parent's credit history and secondly to obtain the new contact details and addresses of parents who have defaulted on payment and are no longer reachable at their registered contact details.

Home Rentals

Our Credit Check and Deed Search services are widely used by home owners, rental companies and estate agents to assess the credit risk of prospective renters of rental properties and obtain vital Deeds information on property owners and properties in South Africa.

Financial Services

Datanamix is widely used by financial services companies across South Africa to become FICA compliant in terms of credit bureau checks and to determine customer affordability.

Auditors and Accounting firms

Datanamix is widely used by Auditor and accounting firms for advanced Companies and Intellectual Property Commission (CIPC) registration information, CIPC information on Directors and principles of business, South African Revenue Services (SARS) advanced VAT verification of business clients and instant online Credit Bureau credit checks on companies and individuals through the four major credit bureaus in South Africa to determine and assist their clients with credit worthiness, debt counselling and management of adversae credit bureau information.

What you will need to Register

10 Minutes and an Internet connection

Your ID Book. Your identity will be verified automatically, online.

Valid Email address for Email verification via an OTP (preferably NOT a Gmail account)

Valid Mobile number for SMS verification via an OTP

Valid Business Address and Land line telephone number (will be verified)

Valid Business registration details and VAT Number. (non VAT registered and exempt businesses also qualifies)

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