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Credit Risk Solutions

We offer online credit and risk management solutions to individuals and businesses

Online Business Platform

Get instant access to our comprehensive suite of credit bureau and credit risk solutions in one platform

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Integration Solutions

Enrich your systems with our super-efficient API that ranges from identity data, KYC data to credit bureau reports

API Products

Batch Verification

Verify customer data quickly and remain compliant with the FIC Act straight from the relevant Golden Source

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About Datanamix

We are a bunch of young and energetic technocrats that love all things data, compliance, and technology. Datanamix is a credit information bureau in South Africa. With over 20 years of experience in business process automation. 

We are a registered reseller Credit Bureau in terms of section 43 of the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (South Africa).

Datanamix saves thousands of South African businesses millions of Rands every year because we understand the risk your business takes when providing credit to new or existing consumers. Our solutions are designed to reduce your company’s risk by providing high-quality information that allows your brand to trade confidently and allows your brand to make informed decisions.

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One Platform

By signing up online, your business is instantly connected to credit information from all major credit bureaus like TransUnion, XDS, and Experian. In addition, you have access to golden source South African Identity data and commercial companies' data.

You get all of this in one, easy-to-use, online platform that works on any device, anywhere.

Credit Risk Management

Our platform helps you manage the full credit and risk lifecycle of your customers. We offer an extremely comprehensive suite of products that assist financial managers and credit controllers in making better decisions.

Business Credit

Consumer Credit


Bank Account


Collections and

Deeds Property


Digital Onboarding Solutions

Not everyone is your customer. Our solutions replace paper-based and PDF-based processes with beautiful, fully digital systems that offer a great user experience. It is built to help you identify the difference between bad actors and legitimate paying customers while increasing regulatory and legal compliance.

3D Liveness
Identity Proofing

Digital FICA


Sanctions Screening


At Datanamix, we believe in a digital future that sustains life on earth

Four reasons to partner with us


Our data is of the highest quality on the market and our systems are designed for the ultimate user experience


Our "one platform"  approach is a game-changer. There is no need to directly register on one or more bureau systems, we offer it all-in-one.


If running high-volume transactions is your game, then look no further. We process millions of transactions per month in real-time at an incredible pace.


Our commitment to service excellence is our major differentiator. Working with large bureaus can be taxing. Datanamix removes all barriers by being transparent, approachable, and committed to delivering impeccable service.

Unrivaled aggregation of quality data through strategic partnerships

Regulated, Certified and Audited.

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