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Account Origination Solutions

Our Account Origination Solutions enable your business to make better-informed decisions when you are in the process of onboarding a customer. These solutions ensure that you have all the required information before allowing a customer to open a new account.

Credit Reports

Enjoy full access to a comprehensive suite of products and information that will assist your business in mitigating the potential risks involved with onboarding a new customer. Depending on your needs, various credit reports are available at your disposal.

These include:

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Bank Verification

The Realtime Account (holder) Verification Service (AVS-R) is a function that verifies the authenticity of a bank account linked to an individual or a company in South Africa.

This assists your company in identifying a customer's bank account and ensuring that there is no fraud involved.

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Express Credit Reports

Exciting tool that enables companies to draw an Express Credit Report in seconds and at a fraction of the cost of a full credit report. This allows your company to automate certain credit risk decisions by utilising this report. Providing you with accurate financial insights at your fingertips.

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Affordability Assessment

Our Affordability Assessment Service helps companies determine a customer's ability to honour their obligations regarding a new credit agreement. It calculates the consumer's available income (discretionary income) to indicate their ability to fund the proposed credit instalment.

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AML Screening

With our comprehensive AML Sanction Screening products, we enable the right level of risk mitigation for every class of business – from accountable institutions bound by the FIC Act, to SMEs simply looking to protect their interests.

The due diligence product suite includes AML (anti-money laundering) Sanctions Screening, PEP (PIP) data, Adverse Media and Crime Data – all customisable depending on your specific industry, and unique business needs.

  • AML Sanctions Screening/PEP/PIP Adverse Media
  • AML Sanctions Screening/PEP/PIP + Crime Data
  • OFAC, US Department of Treasury Sanction List

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Optical Character
Recognition (OCR)

Our Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is ideal for Account Origination before onboarding a new customer. By using OCR, you can automate the extraction of all the required information from documents, such as IDs and forms, ensuring a seamless onboarding process for new customers. This saves time, reduces manual errors, and enhances the overall customer experience. With OCR, you can efficiently and accurately capture data, verify identities, and streamline onboarding.

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Industry Solutions

Gain full access to an extensive variety of products and data, which can assist you in reducing your company's credit risk and making better-informed decisions.

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