Batch Verification

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The compliance challenge

The regulations around FICA and KYC* are stringent. Companies that are found to be non-compliant stand to be hit with massive fines, as well as have their reputation – and business as a whole – severely damaged.

For many companies, adhering to FICA regulations and keeping their hundreds of thousands of customer records current and valid, is a mammoth task, and many fall short of compliance.

Fast, accurate FICA compliance

Our Batch Verification Service enables accountable institutions to quickly verify customer data  – both at the time of onboarding, and throughout the customer relationship – thereby remaining compliant with the FIC Act, without having to spend the huge amounts of time, money and resources this process would ordinarily take.

All data returned is straight from the relevant Golden Source , and therefore guaranteed to be current and correct. 

Batch Verification for an entire suite of products

Our Batch Verification Service is available across our range of verification and risk management products, including:            

  1. ID Verification
  2. Bank Account Verification
  3. CIPC Business Verification
  4. KYC (Consumer) Verification
  5. AML Sanction Verification
  6. Custom Combined FICA batch
  7. Debt Collecting
  8. VAT Verification

The Benefits of Batch Verification

  • Better cost per search on each verification
  • Accurate data obtained only from veritable sources
  • Secure upload of customer information
  • Data returned is in an easy-to-use format
  • Customisable configurations for batch FICA searches
  • Less resources used
  • Significant financial savings
  • Better customer experience
  • Enhanced air of professionalism
  • Improved brand reputation

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