Family Lineage

Finding your family lineage has never been easier

Our Datanamix Family Lineage Data solution allows you to populate and validate a family nucleus, utilising golden source information from Home Affairs. Once you search a person’s ID number, they will be referred to as the master.

If data is available the report will contain the master’s ID, spouse, children, and parents.


This solution solves many problems faced by different industry professionals

Fraud detection and prevention
Unclaimed estates and benefits
Tracing and locating of beneficiaries
Validating identity and beneficiaries in the medical space
Validate minor information for the purpose of beneficiary identification

Features and benefits of the Family Lineage solution

Live Home Affairs data.

Available in web service and API.

Ability to draw a nucleus of the family by utilising one enquiry.

Addresses, contacts and employment for all adults included.

Bureau contactability.

Verifies up to 21 children.

*Explicit consent and purpose of use required

This solution will mainly benefit the following industries:

Insurance industry
Investment industry
Forensic industry
Medical industry

The nitty gritty:

Please be aware that you need explicit consent from a guardian to access a minor's information. Moreover, the minor's' ID photo, contact details, and house address will not be included in the report.

It is worth noting that our Datanamix Family Lineage Data sources its data from the Department of Home Affairs. Therefore, if there is no record of children or parents' family lineage details the report will not contain that information.

When contacting the master's spouse, it is crucial to obtain consent from their spouse. The nature of their marriage contract also needs to be considered. If the master is married in community of property, there are no issues in contacting their spouse. However, if they are married out of community of property, regardless of whether they have an Accrual or Antenuptial Agreement, the spouse's consent must be obtained before reaching out to them.

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