Debt Collection and Recovery

Seamless Debt Recovery Solutions

Our Debt collection solutions was built with aim of ensuring that the debt recovery industry obtains information of the finest quality to assist in securing PTP’s on every segment of the credit active consumer population while ticking the legal & compliance boxes 

Collections 360 

Trusted, Comprehensive & Affordable Debt collection focused information & analytics.  

We present a seamless Dashboard that contains the most important information required by a debt collector or recovery agent to secure a PTP with a consumer.  

The Collection 360 Dashboard makes provision to answer the most pertinent questions that every EDC encounters when glancing over a new debt book: 

  • What is the best number to make contact with the consumer ‘’Right number, right consumer’’ – first time around 
  • How much can the consumer afford to repay at this point in time? 
  • When is the best time in a month to negotiate a debit order date with the consumer or when does the consumer make most of their payments in a month? 
  • Does consumer prioritise payments on the type of debt that I am collecting on?  
  • What is the consumers propensity to pay per debt type ? 

Comprehensive data

The collections 360 Dashboard provides information in real-time & considers early & late stages of debt when processing the various analytical models which is linked to the consumer included within the dashboard:

  • Identity information
  • Latest contact (cell, work, home & email)
  • Best number to contact
  • Latest addresses (Physical & postal)
  • Employment information
  • Possible repayment amount R
  • Detailed affordability
  • Debt summary & adverse indicators
  • 5 suggested payment dates & percentage of payments made per day
  • Credit active summary per industry
  • Credit payment activity per industry


      Flexible data

      The report offers data based on flexible minimum search criteria for collections departments to review the full state of a South African consumer’s propensity to pay off a debt amount, based on an early (1-4 months) or late-stage (4 months+) debt cycle.

      Report elements

      • Debt summary
      • Consumer affordability
      • Consumer identity information
      • Payment gap
      • Industry arrears status
      • Credit activeness

      Need more information

      The collections 360 provides much more than a comprenhensive dashboard as we understand that that are scenarios where the road to securing a PTP is not all downhill and you will need more information to make the right business decisions. At your fingertips, the Dashboard includes full data string information tabs that provides:

      • Historical contact, address & employment information
      • Credit account statuses & full 24 month payment profile
      • Adverse information
      • Deeds data
      • CIPC
      • Linkage information


        Consumer Trace

        Enabling the Debt Recovery

        The Datanamix Consumer Trace solution was built with the purpose of enabling the Debt Recovery industry to search & locate evading consumers seamlessly in real-time. Our solutions allow for a highly flexible search criteria to be utilised when searching for consumers in the collections stage of the life cycle.

        We understand that when consumers are in this stage of life, they typically try to avoid debt collectors to safeguard disposable income and not honour existing debt. Due to this you may have limited information on the consumer and require minimum input criteria to invoke the search process.


        We have got you covered

        Enabling the Debt Recovery

        Our consumer trace report provides a comprehensive view of all data variables linked to a consumer’s profile, all-inclusive within the report. We understand that you require all information available, the most recent & historical information to make informed decisions.

        *The consumer trace solution can also be utilised to find & locate beneficiaries in the unclaimed benefits space.

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