Bulk SMS Messaging

Bulk SMS Messaging

1 -way and 2-way chat

Send and receive bulk SMS's with our bulk SMS service at scale with Datanamix SMS API.

Our Bulk SMS service has a variety of uses, from communicating new product offerings to existing consumers to sending out specials to a customer lead database.

It is an extremely cost-effective method to communicate with consumers quickly and effectively.

We make use of local networks such as Vodacom, Cell C, MTN, and Telkom Mobile to send out up to 30 million SMSs daily. Consumers receiving these SMSs always have the option to "Opt-Out". If they no longer want to receive SMSs, we place them in a blacklist folder to assist with managing your databases.  

Join Datanamix's secure network to reliably send SMS messages to your customers, expand to include a response from your customers, and begin to adopt chat.

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SMS two-factor authentication

Convenient SMS authentication that reduces the chances of users being hacked, since fraudsters would need both their password and their mobile device.

SMS two-factor authentication offers a simple and efficient way to authenticate user identity with additional information that is unique to them.

It includes a combination of their password with:

  • A code sent to their device
  • Biometrics
All you need is your phone

There are no additional hardware or download requirements for SMS 2FA, making it a user-friendly option for authentication.

Available on any mobile device

No matter the phone, SMS is available on every device. This ensures that every customer can access easy-to-use security measures to reduce the risk of data being compromised.
Reach anyone, anywhere, anytime

Even if you use another channel for authentication, adding SMS as a fallback channel will ensure your customers always get their security messages on time.

Promotional SMS messages

Promotional SMS messages are specifically designed for marketing and advertising purposes. Sending campaigns, discounts, and offers over the world’s most widely available channel ensures that your messages get the best visibility.

Promotional SMS is a simple, fast, and secure way to launch marketing campaigns and engage with customers. Improve engagement rates, conversion rates, and overall satisfaction with your brand by using promotional SMS messages in your campaign strategy.

Engage with customers at every stage of their journey. Offer discounts, special offers, and loyalty rewards on a channel they are sure to notice.


Personalised call to action

Offering customers direct access to your special offers via SMS message allows for a convenient way to reap the rewards of being a loyal customer.

Branded messages

By sending branded promotional messages, you offer a sense of security that the messages are from a trusted brand, and not some bot.

Short and concise text

Your customers’ time is valuable, so brief messages with a great hook are ideal for successful promotional SMS campaigns.

Transactional SMS

Transactional messages are ideal for informing customers about valuable or critical information they need to know about your products or services.

Deliver better customer service by sending automated transactional messages over SMS. Ensure that all your customers stay informed and never miss an update by sending bulk SMS messages.

Transactional SMS is the perfect solution for any industry. With automation options that allow for fast and perfectly timed delivery, your customers will get the updates they need at the right time.

Customer-centric interactions

Transactional SMS messages encourage customer-centric interactions. They are designed to improve customer service and increase the trustworthiness of your brand.
Simple workflow setup

Start automating workflows that send event-triggered transactional SMS messages, so your customers never miss an update.

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