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Digital Onboarding System

Our Datanamix digital onboarding systems inject true intelligence into your web-based application forms. Change your paper-based credit applications into efficient online web-based forms that verify the identity of the applicant in real time, while automatically drawing consumer and commercial credit reports in your back-office system.

Eradicate fraudulent applications and approve quality applications in minutes, instead of days or weeks. Get all the information you need to vet a new customer automatically while they are busy applying. No paper, no print and no manual credit bureau, ITC or CIPC checks necessary, everything is automated according to your procedures.

Digital Onboarding

A versatile digital adoption platform for onboarding customers, vendors and employees.

Digital Customer Onboarding

Transform website forms and manual PDF applications into a fully digital customer onboarding system.

  • Digitally onboard customers in minutes.
  • Great user experience.
  • Integrate with Digital KYC.
  • Integrate with credit bureaux for automated vetting.
  • Templates are linked to business rules to automatically generate contracts.
  • Contracts are automatically sent for approvals and remote signing.
  • Signed contracts and meta data are stored or transferred.
  • Integrate with CRM/ ERP systems.
  • Back office system for workflow and document management.


Digital Vendor Onboarding

Transform website forms and PDF applications into a fully digital vendor onboarding system.

  • Align to existing vendor onboarding processes.
  • End-to-end digital onboarding journey.
  • Avoid errors with electronic form validations.
  • Contracts are automatically sent for approvals and remote digital signing.
  • Store captured vendor data as meta data.
  • Integrate with ERP for automated account creation.
  • Manage vendor contract lifecycles.
Digital Customer onboarding - vendor

Digital Employee Onboarding

Full lifecycle management of employee files.

  • Digital job application forms.
  • Secure digital document collection portal for IDs, certificates and bodies of proof.
  • Automated contract generation.
  • Sign and approve employment contracts from anywhere.
  • Share and revoke access to employee documents.
  • Employees and managers can upload additional documents into employee files, if and when permitted.
  • Comprehensive audit logs on document and folder level.
  • Security and access control at document and file level.

Digital Customer onboarding - employee

API Application Integration


The Datanamix SOAP or RESTful XML API's seamlessly integrate with any web-enabled application.

Business Registration and Customer Verified Data

Verify Business registration data against CIPC (Companies and Intellectual Properties Commission) data. Have your customers submit only their Identity - and Business registration - number and automatically populate their latest, verified data into your form.

Your Web Forms

Inject real-time intelligence into your web-forms.

Credit Bureau Reports and Customer Credit Health Data

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Verify Identities and Personal Status

Verify identities against Government sourced data in real-time. Verify alive or deceased status against Government sourced data.

Digital Signatures

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Industry Solutions

Gain full access to an extensive variety of products and data, which can assist you in reducing your company's credit risk and making better-informed decisions.

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