Address Verification

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Address Verification

The Address Verification API service provides an efficient means of validating last known Credit Bureau contact data against a South African ID number. This API is generally called during customer onboarding, where the individual's ID number is used to verify address and contact details.

Two categories of data are returned: Last known address, and last known mobile phone number.

  • Validity of ID number: Validity is checked against offline bureau data.
  • Address: Date of last update on Credit Bureau record (with source).
  • Address: Last-known address returned (with source).
  • Telephone number: Date of last update on Credit Bureau record.
  • Telephone number: Last known mobile phone number.
  • Employee information: Date of last known employer information (with source).
  • Employee information: Last known employer information on Credit Bureau (with source)

There are three address API products to choose from:

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