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Collections 360: End-to-End Solution for the debt collection industry

Show the importance and value of the Collections 360 Dashboard from Datanamix.
Collection 360 Dashboard for Debt Collectors.

As a Debt collector, Collections 360 is a must, this is because you require an immense amount of information to ensure you find the right consumer. And obtain an accurate affordability assessment, find out the right time to set up a payment date & gauge the consumer’s propensity of the consumer to pay.

This can be difficult if you are left with outdated information. It can also be extremely time-consuming and unreliable to contact a consumer and ask them to verify their or someone else’s details. 

A fast, secure, and reliable way to get the most accurate information on a consumer is with the Collections 360 Dashboard. The best part? It is easy to find the correct consumer linked with the most recent contact information in real time.

Getting accurate information is essential for debt collectors. Contacting the wrong person or using outdated information can result in wasted time, increased costs, and may lead to even poor performance on a debtor’s book.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get right into it:

So, what exactly is Collections 360?

Collections 360 is a seamless Dashboard that contains the most important information required by a debt collector or recovery agent to secure a Promise To Pay (PTP) with a consumer.

The information that you gain access to from the Dashboard will answer a Debt collector’s most-asked questions, which include:

  • What is the best number to make contact with the consumer?
  • How much can the consumer afford to repay at this point?
  • When is the best time in a month to negotiate a debit order date with the consumer or when does the consumer make most of their payments in a month?
  • Does the consumer prioritize payments on the type of debt that I am collecting on? 
  • What is the consumer’s propensity to pay per debt type?

What are the benefits of this dashboard?

With Collections 360 there is no need to struggle and wonder if you have found the correct person. As a Debt collector, you will be able to get the right information the first time around, making your life that much easier.

The dashboard & report that you will receive consists of all the information you would require to secure a PTP & recover monies efficiently. The collections 360 Dashboard provides information in real-time & considers early & late stages of debt when processing the various analytical models. Which are linked to the consumer included within the dashboard, the information will consist of:

  • Identity information
  • Latest contact (cell, work, home & email)
  • Best number to contact
  • Latest addresses (Physical & postal)
  • Employment information
  • Possible repayment amount R
  • Detailed affordability
  • Debt summary & adverse indicators
  • 5 suggested payment dates & percentage of payments made per day
  • Credit active summary per industry
  • Propensity to pay per industry

Although the above information will already assist a lot in getting to the point of PTP we know that there might be instances where it won’t be so easy. If you require more in-depth information the Dashboard includes full data string information tabs that provide the following data:

  • Historical contact &address  information
  • Employment information
  • Credit account statuses & full 24-month payment profile
  • Adverse information
  • Deeds data
  • CIPC
  • Linkage information.

With all of the high-quality information, you can rest assured that you will be able to paint the pathway to a PTP. The Collections 360 Dashboard truly provides everything a Debt collector would need.

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