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Phone ID verification service now available

pbVerify’s suite of verification products help stop fraud in its tracks.

PhoneID & Score via web is now available
PhoneID & Score via web is now available

pbVerify’s PhoneID & Score service is now available via our website, allowing users to input a mobile phone number and get data back as to the individual the number is associated with, as well as new additional data now available with our latest update.

Previously only available as an API (application programming interface), PhoneID & Score has always offered data intelligence about an individual’s device and contact information.

With our latest update, as well as opening the service up to any individual who wants to match a mobile phone number to a user via our website, is the addition of the person’s date of birth, and the telecoms provider (telco) their number is linked to.

How PhoneID & Score works

The PhoneID & Score services gives individuals and businesses detailed and actionable global phone number and subscriber data intelligence. For businesses, this allows them to reinforce authentications, evaluate fraud risks, and enhance overall user experience.

There are three parts to the service:

  1. Phone number identification (PhoneID):
    You input a mobile phone number, and the system returns data about the phone number’s owner, their device, their telco and their date of birth. In addition to the benefits of verification and risk management, this allows the user to determine the best channel for message delivery.

    Additionally, PhoneID’s SIM Swap feature allows you to find out whether a phone number’s SIM has been swapped and if so, at what point. The API then evaluates the likelihood of the SIM swap having been done to commit fraud, using a scale from 1 to 4.

    For more on the SIM Swap feature, see our blog “pbVerify bolsters product stack with PhoneID & Score” HERE.

  2. Phone Score
    Again, after inputting a mobile phone number, you are able to get data regarding the usage of the number, and whether or not this raises suspicion. For example, if the number has been registered to different individuals, if a SIM swap has taken place on more than one occasion, or the number is linked to a high volume of SMSes (bulk SMS) or voice calls, and whether or not there are any payment issues related to the number’s owner (whether the number has been blocked due to bank or carrier flags), etc.

    For businesses, the idea behind this is that, by registering fake accounts, criminals can attack legitimate users. By identifying and blocking fraudsters at account registration, businesses effectively streamline the process for genuine users. The “Score” part of pbVerify’s PhoneID & Score API acts as a flagging (vetting) agent, allowing businesses to identify bad actors who aim to use their account for phishing attacks, promo abuse, and other fraud.

  3. COMING SOON: Contact Match
    Contact Match will allow you to input the individual’s mobile number and can then match the individual’s name details to the contact number linked to the carrier. When checking this, you validate the contact against the details at the network carrier. This gives you the ability to verify consumers’ details with around 80% of global telecommunications carriers (including local carriers Vodacom, MTN, CellC, Telkom). This can be used in conjunction with all PhoneID and Score products from pbVerify.

Forewarned is forearmed

For a business, falling victim to fraud is potentially ruinous. pbVerify’s suite of products help businesses stop fraud in its tracks.

The PhoneID & Score product is available on the pbVerify platform in a RESTFul API for direct integration, and directly through the website on an ad-hoc basis, with the option of single credit purchases.

Please contact our support team for further information about and access to this service: Phone: +27 (0)10 823 5194 / Email: or visit our website for more.


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