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Realtime ID Verification data expanded

Realtime ID Verification data expanded
Realtime ID Verification data expanded
pbVerify adds six new data fields its ID Verification reports, further strengthening companies’ risk management efforts.

As part of ongoing product improvements, pbVerify has added to the list of data returned in its ID Verification reports.         

It’s an undisputed fact: Financial transactions are safer when you know your customer. And the more you know about your customer, the safer the transaction.

Which is why the pbVerify team is constantly expanding its ID Verification tools and services – the latest being the addition of six more data fields that are returned when companies carry out Realtime ID Verification (IDV) checks on customers.

The original Realtime IDV report returned the following live data: An ID photograph, ID number, first name and surname, date of birth, age, gender, citizenship (yes/no), deceased status and ID document type.

New ID Verification data

For further authentication, the report now also includes:

  1. Country of birth: Should a “Foreigner” status be returned, the data specifies the country, E.G. ZI (Zimbabwe), UK, US, AUS (Australia), etc.
  2. Date of issue: The date the individual’s ID number was issued to them.
  3. ID Blocked: Indicates if the individual’s ID number has been blocked at the Department of Home Affairs.
  4. Marriage status: Gives the individual’s marriage status (Married, Widowed, Separated, Divorced, Single).
  5. Date of marriage: The date the individual was married.
  6. ID Card or ID Book issue data: Indicates whether the individual has an ID card or ID document (book), and the date the relevant ID proof was issued.

ID Verification use cases

pbVerify’s ID Verification tool is used by corporations to authenticate the identity information of South African citizens, as well as to determine whether they are credit active. The validation of ID data is a course of action taken by many organisations as part of their basic credit risk management processes and policies, to the end of promoting good corporate governance.

ID verification is also used for KYC (Know Your Customer) strategies, by companies that want to ensure compliance and legitimacy of ID information. pbVerify’s ID verification search confirms the validity of South African ID numbers, and confirms related names, as they appear on the Golden Source, ID verification database. This is done by means of a reverse lookup process, using only an ID number.

pbVerify’s ID verification product forms part of our standard product suite, and can be uploaded in batch spreadsheet or single entries, which are available after registration to any business.

To find out more about pbVerify’s suite of risk management products, please reach out to us – we are just a phone call or an email away: Phone: +27 (0)10 823 5194 / E-mail: [email protected]

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