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pbVerify adds tools for global identity verification

Global IDV products introduced

Our new identity verification tools cover countries across the world to help businesses comply with stringent KYC and AML regulations.

As part of pbVerify’s ongoing quest to give businesses all the tools they need to build compliance and manage risk to protect their operations, their reputation – and ultimately, their bottom line – we have introduced four new products that offer fast, accurate identity verification data on international consumers and businesses.

Businesses now have access to the following global verification reports:

Global Data Consortium (GDC)

Coverage: Worldwide.

Type of service: Consumer identity verification (contact information and age verification), KYC.

GDC offers electronic identity verification solutions that cover countries across the globe to help businesses comply with the stringent know your customer (KYC) and anti-money laundering (AML) requirements currently in place.

This service provides a single access point to international, high-quality reference data via a cloud-based platform, which allows businesses to know the identities of their customers, wherever they may be in the world.


Coverage: Australia, New Zealand, China.

Type of Service: Data required for customer onboarding – Consumer identity verification, KYC, anti-money laundering and background checks, document verification and biometric verification.

RapidID aggregates leading customer verification technologies for flexible and seamless integration with businesses’ onboarding and risk analysis monitoring.

RapidID securely matches queries against real-time data sources, including government, credit bureau, private facilities, utility databases and more. Generating a one-time verdict to create a true picture of a person’s digital identity. This product allows you to mix and match the products you need for your business, in an all-in-one integrated API.

Instant Verify International (IVI)

Coverage: Worldwide.

Type of Service: Data required for customer onboarding – Consumer identity verification and KYC (verify details such as name, address and phone number); Expanded country-specific coverage of additional identity elements such as date of birth, national identity and email.

IVIenables businesses to onboard and transact with clients from over 30 countries/regions. The result (i.e. pass or fail) is returned quickly, enabling businesses to make well-informed decisions relating to their vital processes.

pbVerify IVI data leverages high-quality national and regional sources that include:

  • Citizen or national database information
  • Credit header file information
  • Electoral rolls
  • Property records
  • Utility data
  • Marketing sources

This service quickly provides the broadest and most accurate information, by searching billions of records and thousands of independent data sources. With IVI, your business can instantly connect to aggregated information from an ever-growing list of available countries.


Coverage: Worldwide.

Type of Service: Digital document verification: South African and foreign consumers’ documents (such as identity documents, passports, driver’s licenses and work permits).

TrueID enables businesses to verify official documents – relating to both local and international persons – in real-time, using advanced digital document verification services for:

  • Identity documents
  • Passports
  • Driver’s licences

This intelligent document recognition software solution supports over 3 500 different types of official documents, in multiple languages and from various countries. The sophisticated OCR (optical character recognition) technology extracts detailed customer attributes and verifies them against international security standards. With TrueID’s real-time digital service, your business can authenticate and verify identities in 60 seconds, accelerating the customer onboarding process.

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