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RapidLEI from Ubisecure

Our vision at Ubisecure is to automate the interactions & assurances within the three identity domains: individuals, organisations & things. Being an accredited Legal Identity Identifier issuer is core to our mission.

Here’s our Story – why we decided to make it faster, easier and more accurate to register Legal Entity Identifiers.

Built to make LEIs more accessible

When representing your corporate digital identity it’s no longer sufficient to use your ‘local’ number provided by a country specific Business Register or Chamber of Commerce. Regulators, especially those related to the financial services industry, are now mandating the use of a global number. Enter the Legal Entity Identifier (LEI), established and supported by the GLEIF, as a globally recognised and unique cost effective, strong identity both for international and local trade.

The trouble is, registering LEIs can be complex, time consuming and frustrating. So in 2018, Ubisecure a leading identity management software and cloud services provider and accredited Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) issuer, created RapidLEI. The RapidLEI platform has been designed from the ground-up to help companies register LEIs quickly and easily. Our algorithms do much of the heavy lifting – providing unparalleled automation, improving accuracy and reducing the total cost of ownership for the Legal Entity during the application process.

A history of innovating Speed and Automation

The Ubisecure management team have decades of experience providing identity services used by private companies and Government bodies all around the world. The team has a long history innovating solutions using the many identity and authorisation standards, and has an active history in the Certification Authority (SSL/TLS) industry. This experience yields a best of breed, flexible, yet accurate and above all “Rapid” approach to the LEI issuance experience. With executive and operational experience at leading Certification Authorities such as GeoTrustComodo & GlobalSign the team has applied the “disruptive” automation concepts that resulted in the successful mass adoption of SSL website security by millions of websites around the world.

A global approach to a global initiative

Although the Global LEI System is supported by over 30+ LEI issuers/Local Operating Units, many are just that – local. They are focused on a single market or country/jurisdiction and therefore unable to handle a portfolio of LEIs across multiple jurisdictions – essential to operate in today’s global economy. Over 90% of the LEIs issued so far are in countries which RapidLEI supports from the get-go. We maintain a consistent and effective multi-jurisdictional application process and continue to add more jurisdictions all the time.

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