Match ID

Innovative Identity Management Solutions for the Digital World

In today's ever-evolving business landscape, identity management presents a significant challenge. The security and authenticity of user identities in the digital realm are of paramount importance, which is why we developed our Match ID solution. Our team is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions that enable our clients to surmount these obstacles with ease.

Match ID solution has advanced facial recognition technology which can match and validate any 2D photo, on an Identity document, driver’s license, or any standalone photo of an individual to the golden source 2D image found on the DHA.


The Match ID Advantage

Our Match ID solution is an innovative platform designed to revolutionise how businesses onboard their customers. It offers a seamless, secure, and entirely remote process that simplifies identity verification, making it faster and more efficient.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our solution goes beyond simple identity verification. We understand that customer experience, validation, and fraud detection are equally critical aspects of identity management. Match ID excels in these areas as well. When a photo is uploaded, our platform conducts thorough matching validation, ensuring that the individual's identity is genuine and verified. Moreover, we provide real-time access to essential information from the DHA, including deceased status, first name, surname, and date of birth (DOB). This comprehensive approach not only enhances security but also streamlines the onboarding process for your customers.

The Future of Identity Management

With Match ID, we are paving the way for a more secure and convenient digital future. Our solution empowers businesses to onboard customers with confidence, protect against fraud, and deliver an exceptional user experience. By leveraging our advanced facial recognition technology and real-time data access, you can stay ahead in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Match with Upload

Match ID with Upload is the process where you upload an image of a person onto the system with their ID number to see if the photo matches their ID photo from Home Affairs. Here, you are completely reliant on the image that a consumer provides you with to verify it.

Match with Facetec

Matching the live user to their Photo ID can be performed with very high accuracy due to the ability of FaceTec’s 3D AI to recreate any 2D photo of a user from a 3D FaceMap. The enhanced ID Document Scan image selection, and algorithms that look beyond the obfuscation challenges of IDs like glare, anti-tampering lines, small/low quality photos, and quality issues related to worn IDs or old ID photos.


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