Facial and Fingerprint Biometric Verification

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Facial and Fingerprint Biometric Verification

The Datanamix Facial and Fingerprint Biometric Verification Solutions allow companies who are onboarding clients for KYC/FICA or Fraud prevention, to validate a South African individual's identity against Government Source to ensure they are who they claim to be. The solutions allow for either a fingerprint to be captured or even a photo to be compared and matched against the Government Source data.

Biometric Use Cases

Vehicle Dealerships

Prevent identity fraud where individuals provide false identity documents for a test drive & then hijack the vehicle as well as fraudulent purchasing of a vehicle by a bogus buyer with a false ID.

Microfinance and Financial Services

Verify a potential borrower’s identity instantly & seamlessly during the onboarding process to prevent loan application fraud, so that you can safely accept more customers. Authenticate customers in accordance with FICA and KYC regulations.


Reduce losses caused by increasing levels of identity fraud where fraudsters present false identification in order to acquire retail accounts.

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