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Datanamix ID Verification

Used by corporations to authenticate the identity information of South African citizens, as well as to determine whether or not they are credit active. The validation of identity data is a course of action taken by many organisations as part of their basic credit risk management processes and policies, to the end of promoting good corporate governance.

Batch Service Available
Available on API

Realtime VS Offline ID Verification

  Datanamix Realtime Datanamix Offline
All data is live and up to date
Deceased data is real-time
Name data is 100% accurate
A Realtime / Offline search can be conducted if realtime is offline
A photo option is available with the realtime report
A more affordable option
Search is faster as it does not involve connecting to the Golden Source

Introducing Match ID

In a digital world our customers require innovative solutions that solves for their challenges and one of the major challenges is identity management in the digital space.  Our Match ID solution allows our customers to onboard their customers in a seamless, secure, and remote fashion.

The Match ID solution has advanced facial recognition technology which can match & validate any 2D photo, which is commonly found on an Identity document, driver’s license, or any standalone photo of an individual to the golden source 2D image found on the DHA.

The solution caters for customer experience, validation & fraud detection as it conducts matching validation on any uploaded photo. Furthermore the solution provides information on the deceased status, first name, surname & DOB as per DHA in (real-time).


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